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ODN Photo Gallery
Mount Shasta, California

Osel Dorje Nyingpo (ODN) has built a
memorial stupa in honor of
H.E. Khempo Yurmed Tinly Rinpoche
on 35 breathtaking acres of meadowland
located high on Mount Shasta.

~    ~    ~     ~    ~

Believing that the land on Mount Shasta was very important and because Mount Shasta is a sacred mountain, H.E. Khempo Rinpoche, felt that ODN should build a Stupa there someday. He spoke of it often, so in the light of Khempo Rinpoche's passing in 2005, it seemed particularly fitting to build a memorial Stupa there in Khempo Rinpoche's honor.

In 2006 a plan to build the 25 foot stupa was initiated and the structure was completed in 2008. It is continually being visited and consecrated by individual lamas who have travel great distances to honor their great friend.

Khempo Rinpoche often spoke of utilizing the skills and experience of friends and monks in Bhutan to plan the design and requirements of the Stupa. In addition, Khempo Rinpoche had further discussed the possibility of erecting other structures, including a meditation center, and of adding garden paths, buddha statues, etc. There are no immediate plans for further construction at this time.

The Tibetan word for stupa is chörten, "that which serves as a basis or focus of worship," a sacred repository of consecrated substances, including the relics of enlightened teachers.

As plans for a center develop, it will be a wonderful place for all students of Buddhism and spiritual seekers of all faiths to gather to practice and enjoy the power and beauty of this very special mountain.

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