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ODN Photo Gallery
Terton Nyala Sogyal

Nyala Pema Dundul was a great late-nineteenth-century master and Terton from the Nyala region of Eastern Tibet. Thirteen of his students attained Rainbow Body at the time of their deaths. Because he encountered skepticism about the achievement of Rainbow Body, Nyala Pema Dundul chose not to attain rainbow body, in order to build confidence among the populace. Instead, at his death, he shrank his body to about 18" and caused it to remain in a state that wouldn't decompose. His remains still exist in a secret hiding place in Eastern Tibet.

Perhaps the most famous student of Nyala Pema Dundul was the Terton Nyala Sogyal, who was the Dzogchen teacher and root Lama of His Holiness the XIII Dalai Lama. Terton Sogyal was also the Terton for the powerful and widely practiced Tendrel Nyesel (Removing Inauspicious Happenings), as well as Vajra Kilaya Sadhanas, and many others. At Osel Dorje Nyingpo, we begin our practice with:

An Invocational Prayer to the Lineage of the All-Pervading Natural Liberation, which is the Lineage of Profound Accomplishment Arising from that Great Treasure of the Precious Gurus, Nyala Pema Dundul...

...which is an extremely profound lineage prayer to the entire corpus of enlightened Buddhist masters, composed by Terton Nyala Sogyal.

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