Escape From Tarkov: Guide to the Woods Map - Spawns, Exits, Keys & Loot 2022/23 (2024)

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Early after Wipe in Escape From Tarkov, quest givers like Jaeger send you to the Woods map. In our guide to the EFT map Woods in 2023 we show you spawns, exits, keys, loot & scav tactics!

What's this guide about? In our map guide to the Tarkov map Woods, we want to show you all the important locations for loot, Scav positions as well as bosses, keys, spawns, and extracts. In addition, we try to give useful tips so that you can also successfully travel on Woods in 2022. Here is what you can expect from this guide:

  • Basic information about Woods
  • Spawns
  • Extracts
  • Orientation guides
  • Loot locations for weapons & stashes
  • Keys
  • Boss and enemy locations

Note: At the end of this guide, you will find alle the other maps too!

Spawns, extracts & points of interests on Woods 2022/23

You need to know:Before you jump into your first raid on the Tarkov map Woods, you should take 5,000 rubles with you. Of course, this only applies if you can lose it without it hurting. You will need them later for an exit. Also, the following information is nice to have heard:

  • A raid lasts a maximum of 25 minutes.
  • There is a maximum of 14 players in a raid.
  • Woods is a very large and sprawling map, perfect for snipers
  • Cultists move across the map at night.

All spawns on Woods

There are a total of 28 spawns on Woods. Almost all of them are along the map border, only 5 spawns are in the middle of the map. It is also impossible to start directly at the sawmill, where the boss is located. We name all known spawns on Woods:

  • Spawns at the river in the north:If you start at the river, it's easy to spot. You either start at a rock, at a black SUV (Bridge Extraction) or at a small village.
  • Spawn in the lake area: In the northwest of the map is a collection of lakes and ponds. There are a total of 4 spawns here. Be careful not to go west, there is a minefield here.
  • Spawns at the lake (west): There is a large lake in the south of the map. You can recognize a spawn to the west of the lake by the fact that you are in the middle of the forest, which is only interrupted by a white pickup truck or a single cabin on the side of the road.
  • Spawns at the lake (east):You'll know you're here when you start in an open area by the lake and the nuclear power plant is clearly visible near you. Also, there is an abandoned military camp just a hundred yards from the spawn.

All Spawns on Woods in 2022/2023.

All PMC and Scav Exits on the EFT Map Woods in 2022/2023

There are three different types of exits/extracts on the Woods map. One category is exclusively for Scavs, another is only for PMCs, and one is for both. An extract that is for everyone can only be used if you pay 5,000 rubles. This is the money you should pocket. But now for the extracts on Woods:

Scav Exits on the Woods Map:

  • Scav Bridge
  • Scav Bunker
  • Mountain Stash
  • Scav House
  • Eastern Rock
  • The Boat
  • Dead Man's Place
  • Old Station

PMC Exits on the Woods Map:

  • Bridge V-Ex (Car Exit) - costs 5,000 rubles
  • ZB-016
  • Northern UN Roadblock

Woods Exits for all:

  • ZB-014
  • Outskirts
  • RUAF Roadblock
  • Factory Gate
  • UN Roadblock

All Extracts on Tarkov Map Woods.

Landmarks on the Woods Map 2022/23

What landmarks are there on Woods?If you ever can't find your way around using your spawn, you'll need alternatives. The Tarkov map Woods offers five good landmarks:

  • River in the north and east of Woods
  • Nuclear power plant in the east of Woods
  • City of Tarkov in the north
  • big mountain in the middle of the map, northeast of the sawmill
  • large lake in the south of the map

The easiest way to find your way around is to use the big mountain and the nuclear power plant. The city of Tarkov is only visible from the north or from the aforementioned high mountain. The nuclear power plant, on the other hand, flashes through the treetops more often. You can find your way around almost the entire Tarkov Maps Woods by looking at the cooling towers.

If the towers are shrouded in blue fog, then you are far away and probably on the west side of Woods. If they are clearly visible, then you are in the east.

Scav Activity & Boss Location of Shturman + Tactics

Where are Scavs, Sniper & Boss? Anywhere on the Tarkov Woods map you can encounter trigger-happy enemies. Savs, on the other hand, tend to stay in their patrol areas, which stretch along the river to the north and east. The highest concentration of scav activity, however, can be found in the south of the map, around the large lake and the sawmill. Move there, though, and you'll really have to watch out! The Scav sniper on Woods is on a rock northeast of the sawmill.

The Tarkov boss Shturman is on the loose on Woods. He always spawns by the sawmill, and can walk around between the buildings here as well as on the hill. Most of the time, however, you'll find him at the red warehouse.

All Locations of Scav presents, the Scav Sniper and the Boss Shturman.

Behavior & Weapons: The Woods boss has two companions with him. All three like to keep their distance from the player, as they are equipped with long range weapons. Shturman himself seems to be a nice fellow, because before he actually fires at you, he fires three to five warning shots in your direction. If you fire back, the trio will gladly take cover and fire from stealth.

How to defeat Shturman? To take down Shturman and his guards, you should scout the area around the sawmill well. The guards like to move further away from their boss. If you spot one of the guards or Shturman, you should close the distance and take out a character as soon as possible. You should avoid long-distance battles at all costs! The Woods boss Shturman and his men are equipped for exactly this kind of combat. The boss fires at you with incredible precision.

So go into close combat and try to pressure the Scav boss and his guards -- keep moving. None of the three scavs are wearing helmets, and Shturman only has 62 head HP. So equip ammo that does 62 flesh damage or more. That way, you can knock out the boss of Tarkov's Woods map quickly.

Important Loot Spots and Weapon Boxes on Woods Map

Where should beginners loot?Right after a wipe, or if you're a beginner anyway, you should stick to the east and north sides of the map. Here there are quite few scavs and the terrain is a bit clearer. You can also find several weapon crates and military crates. However, you should be careful at the big mountain in the middle of the map, a sniper scav is waiting here.

Every military crate and black weapon box aswell as stashes.

Everything about keys on Woods

You can use these keys? For the Tarkov map Woods you need three different keys to be able to open all accesses. On the one hand you need them for extracts, on the other hand to open special loot spots:

  1. ZB-014 Key - You can use this key near Scav-House in bunker ZB-014. It opens a loot room behind a barred door near the Extract. Here you will find, among other things, magazines that you need for a Prapor quest "Ice Cream Cones". You will also find a weapon box and loose loot.
  2. Shturman Key - You can get this key only by killing Woods boss Shturman. The key opens a small toolbox, in the sawmill. It is located on a tractor tire across from the warehouse. From the box you can get weapons, bitcoins, streamer items and the Red Rebel Icepick. You will also need this key for the Jaeger quest "
  3. Yotota Key - With this key you can unlock a blue pickup truck in the sawmill. However, there is hardly anything valuable to be found here, you should rather keep the key slot free!
Yototoa Pickup
Shturmans Werkzeugkasten

All keys that spawn on Woods

  • East Wing 314 - This key spawns at the checkpoint, between Sawmill and Scav-House. This used to be the map border, but now there is a key on the wooden chair in the shack.
  • East Wing 308 - You can find this key in the Sawmill/Sawmill in the center of the map. Go to the three workers' shelters and enter the front cabin. EW 308 can then spawn on the nightstand.
  • East Wing 316 - Another key to the East Wing can be found in a crashed white van. You can find it on the eastern shore of the lake near Sawmill. In a suitcase in front of the van spawns the East Wing 316 key.
  • RB-ORB 2 - This key can be found at the RUAF Roadblock in southeast Woods. The key spawns on the concrete barrier right next to the wooden chair.
  • Purple Labs Map - For the Purple Key Map to Labs, there are three spawns directly for you to check out.
    • Spawn at the checkpoint, where you will also find East Wing 314. In the Black SUV in the driver's seat.
    • Black SUV at the "White Building" in Sawmill/Sawmill in the trunk.
    • Brick hut in the south of Sawmill on the table.
Purple Labs Card
East Wing 308 Key
Purple Labs Card

East Wing 316
RB-ORB 2 Key
Purple Labs Card

East Wing 314 Key

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Every tip mentioned in this guide has been practically tested by our team to ensure you receive reliable and accurate information.


Escape From Tarkov: Guide to the Woods Map - Spawns, Exits, Keys & Loot 2022/23 (17)

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